Intellectual Property

Copyright and Neighboring Rights

Rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works include books, music, paintings, sculptures, films, computer programs, database advertisement, maps and technical drawing.


Exclusive right granted for an invention which is a product or a process that provides in a new way of doing something or offer a new technical solution to a problem.

Industrial Design

A right that constitutes the ornamental aspect of an article. For example the shape of an article, patterns, lines, colour, packaging and containers, symbols, logos among others.

Trade Secrets

Rights to protect confidential information which may be sold/licensed. For example technical information (manufacturing process, pharmaceutical test data, design and drawing of computer programs) and commercial information (distrusting methods, list of suppliers and clients and advertising strategies).

Completed Assignments

Transaction advisory to the Church of Uganda and Kabira Country Club on the sale of 8 Acres of Land in an up-scale suburb in Kampala City worth UGX: 6.750.000.000

Registration of land related instruments for the Registered Trustees of Church of Uganda

Registration and perfection of securities for Nibya Limited

Transaction advisory to the Joseph Initiative Ltd on purchase of a warehouse facility in Kasese worth UDS 900,000